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ONLY $14.99

Only $14.99


It’s here! Take it with you wherever you go. Twirl it at a Trump Rally, or while you watch it on TV! Twirl The Trump Towel and express our love for our Faith, Flag and Freedom!

  • Take it everywhere for the perfect selfie, or in front of your favorite photo opp and post it on #Operation towel drop!
  • Hang it up at home, in your car, in your briefcase, your back pack, keep it handy for that moment when you just have to pull it out, twirl it and express your support for our great President!


Goldstar Family Info

The Trump Towel Team is pleased to thank Trump supporters all over the world that have purchased THE TRUMP TOWEL online and at Trump Rallies in just two weeks since it’s launch! Because of their support The Trump Towel Team will present our first donation check directly to one of our Gold Star Families. Michelle Terris and Diane Ventura, inspired by Ivanka Trump’s Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, ( created the company to launch as a vehicle to both inspire supporters of the President, as well as raise money for deserving individuals and organizations.

Free Shipping

We cover the shipping for you, so order as many as you would like!

Perfectly Portable

The Trump Towel can make it’s appearance anywhere you want it to! At 15″x18″ it’s perfect to tuck in, pull out, and twirl!


PRINTED AND DELIVERED FROM THE USA is dedicated to using a portion of the proceeds of the sale of The Trump Towel each month directly to the deserving families of those who have given The Ultimate Sacrifice.

The Trump Towel Collection

The Trump Towel


The Trump Towel can make it’s appearance anywhere you want it to! At 15″x18″ it’s perfect to tuck in, pull out, and twirl.

The Trump Beach Towel


The Trump Beach Towel makes a great conversation starter at the pool, the beach, or at home hung alongside your Trump Bath Towel!


The Trump Bath Towel


The Trump Bath Towel is perfect for the home, your gym bag, or just to hang in your bathroom to remind everyone that visits of your support of our President!

The Trump Towel Set


$69.97 $45.99

$69.97 Value
Get all three in this incredible gift set for the
Introductory Special $45.45 Includes Shipping!

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